Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) Pricing

$0 - $5m AUM

35 basis points

Former XYPN Members:
40 basis points

$5m - $25m AUM

30 basis points

Former XYPN Members:
35 basis points

$25m+ AUM

25 basis points

Former XYPN Members:
30 basis points

Fees are based on the advisor's AUM, using a cliff fee schedule. Once a breakpoint is reached, all assets will be billed at that same breakpoint base fee.


Our Commitment to Independence

XYIS offers former-member pricing for any members who leave XYPN but want to continue to use XYIS for (and avoid otherwise disrupting) their clients. We understand that switching costs for technology and service providers can be a barrier to growth and making a good decision for your business, and want you to have peace of mind that you’ll be able to continue using XYIS if your plans change. You can now take XYIS with you wherever you go, even if that means discontinuing your XYPN relationship, as part of our commitment to independence.

What's Included


Invoicing & Billing

Performance Reporting

Dedicated Support Team

Institutional-Level Advisor Education

Professionally Managed Portfolio Models

Client-Facing Resources

Orion Essentials

Orion Essentials

Billed quarterly, includes 60 accounts

Pricing Per Additional Account

Additional accounts billed according to your total number of active accounts (zero balance accounts are free) at quarter end

61 - 150 Accounts


151 - 250 Accounts


251 - 1,000 Accounts


1,001+ Accounts


Platform Add-Ons

History Conversions

One-time fee for migrating to Orion from another platform


$750 per quarter


15% of your platform fee

whichever is higher


$250 per quarter min


$50 per account

whichever is higher

Tier 1

Data Source
Direct from TD or Schwab

Data History
Up to 2 Years


Tier 2

Data Source
Another Platform

Data History
Up to 10 Years


*Orion reserves the right to add additional conversion fees based on complexity. Conversions with more than 10 years of account history are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Orion Back Office Support

XYIS offers Orion Back Office Support separately with a detailed menu of optional add-on services, including ongoing services and project-based support.

Ongoing Services

Period-end Billing & Reporting


  • Accounts
  • Fee Types Supported
  • Billing Frequency

  • Cash Flows
  • New Clients
  • Workflow Blueprints
  • Data Preparation
  • Post Payments Audit
  • Client Notification Audits
  • Phone consultations

Tier 1

$1,000 per Quarter
  • < 250
  • AUM %
  • Calendar Quarters
  • If advanced: no cash-flow billing
  • Billed at Quarter End
  • Standard
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A

Tier 2

$1,900 per Quarter
  • < 500
  • AUM %, Flat Fees
  • Calendar Quarters or Monthly
  • If advanced: cash-flow billing optional
  • Billed at Quarter End
  • Summary
  • N/A
  • Quarterly (up to 1 hour)

Tier 3

$3,600 per Quarter
  • < 1000
  • AUM %, Flat Fees, Net Worth %
  • Calendar Quarters, Monthly, or Rolling Quarters
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Custom

  • Quarterly (up to 3 hours)

Project-Based Support

Custom Report Building

Let us build performance reports that best reflect the needs of your clients and showcase the value you provide.

Data Maintenance Routines

Learn how to schedule your custom onboarding and ongoing maintenance routines to ensure your data remains in excellent condition.

Tech Suite Integrations

Let us review or build your suite of technology around Orion to fit the needs of your advisory practice and to ensure you’re optimizing your daily work routines.

Performance Review

Complete a custom audit of account performance to find outliers, to resolve errors, and to learn how to prepare product-level performance and benchmarking for manager due diligence.

Portfolio Management Workflow Design

Learn how to build a custom workflow of advisory routines to automate preparations for client meetings.

Advanced Orion Training

After mastering the basics of using the Orion platform, you can take your portfolio management skills to the next level with advanced training. Some examples include the Performance Viewer, Account Composer, Trends, and Compliance applications.