XYIS aims to save you time, allowing you to focus on what you love about financial planning and helping clients reach their ideal life.


  • Professional fund management through East Bay Financial Services
  • Access to DFA funds for your clients' portfolios*
  • Investment models including DFA, Tax Efficient, Socially Responsible/Impact, and Low Cost Models
  • Automatic rebalancing within managed portfolios
  • Tax minimization strategies

*Advisor must be approved by DFA in order to gain access to DFA models.

Back Office

  • No minimum AUM
  • No minimum for your clients to open an account
  • Billing will be handled through XYIS, no need to outsource to another platform
  • Invoicing
  • Performance reporting capabilities
  • Branded client portal

Resources & Training

  • Advisor resources and webinars for building, managing and growing your firm
  • Compliant, client-facing content and videos with timely and relevant information


Developed for the unique needs of XYPN advisors

Streamlined asset management

Investment team Partners

No minimums

ACAT in and out

Service included

Due diligence handled for you

We’ll help you onboard...ADV updates and all