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XYIS is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform. We built our platform with the next-gen firm in mind. Our main goal is to help you scale your growing business without the pressure to hire a team or work longer hours.

XYIS aims to save you time so you can focus on what you love about financial planning and helping clients reach their ideal life.

In addition to our team of rockstars, we partner with these industry greats:


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Schwab is one of the top 3 custodians serving RIAs. For over 30 years, Schwab has been a leader in supporting the success of firms of all sizes, regardless of background, assets under management, or business complexity. From digital client onboarding to marketing and growth planning, Schwab connects you to the people, tools, and resources that can help your firm thrive.

Orion Enterprise

Orion’s foundation coming from a registered investment advisor provides them with a unique appreciation for the role a technology provider and an asset manager can play in empowering investment advisors’ businesses. Supporting RIAs and independent broker-dealers through its unified "Platform of Choice", Orion Enterprise offers a flexible and fully-integrated, full-service portfolio management and portfolio accounting solution designed to promote efficiency, inspire autonomy and accelerate growth.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional is a global investment manager dedicated to implementing the great ideas in finance.  Founded in 1981, DFA has a long history of applying academic research to practical investing. Today, they offer a full range of equity and fixed income strategies designed to target higher expected returns. DFA funds are renowned throughout the industry.

East Bay Financial Services

East Bay Financial Services, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor providing customized investment strategy and due diligence services for financial planners and advisors. East Bay’s President, Mario Nardone, CFA, serves as Investment Guru for XYIS guiding our investment strategy in areas such as portfolio model construction and investment research.